“The great thing about my job is you are able to help all kinds of athletes perform better or just enjoy their sports by offering better footwear,” says Rene Zandbergen, Senior Merchandise Manager at ASICS.

With a background in biomechanics and physiology, Zandbergen joined the Japanese company 16 years ago. With a strong running heritage, the brand prides itself on technology, innovation and quality and that is no more evident than in the latest iteration of the ASICS Gel Resolution.

Aimed at baseliners, the Resolution is the premium shoe in the ASICS stability range.

“The baseliner needs stability in the midfoot area and needs to turn quickly from left to right,” explains Rene. “We have improved stability at the lateral forefoot because we have learned from our players that the outer edge needed more stability. When you are going from left to right you can imagine that a lot of power is going into the shoe so a lot of weight distribution so then the fit is very important in that area.”

Another development on previous iterations of the Resolution are the Duomax™ Support system built into the midsole, as well as improved Gel cushioning in both the rearfoot and the forefoot.

“It’s a long list of technologies, that’s why it’s the King of Stability and it’s the most important shoe in our stability segment,” says Zandbergen. “In the UK and all over Europe it is one of our best selling shoes.”