MANTIS Sports is a British company which makes tennis and squash kit. Set up in 2011, the company aims to produce the highest quality equipment at the most reasonable prices and its rackets regularly come up trumps in the tennishead racket reviews.

Mantis has a range of rackets, the stars of which are:

Pro 295 II

Back in 2013 this racket won our value for money award and this latest version is the second-generation upgrade of a racket aimed at players who like a reasonably light racket.  The mark II version has a slightly different balance compared with the original, which has given it more power and swing weight. Priced at £150 it is not cheap, but with the MANTIS Custom Pallet Handle System which enables players to change both the grip size and shape, it is features like this, along with the playability that make it a racket worth considering if you are contemplating a change of weapon. “ A great all round racket” were the words of one of our testers in our 2016 reviews, who said that it gave him, “great power, good depth, nice weight of shot, great control and enough spin to keep the ball in”.

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Pro 310 II

Aimed at players who know what they are doing around the court and like to play with a heavier racket that has a relatively thin frame, the MANTIS Pro 310 II shares the same values as other rackets in the MANTIS stable, combining great technology with a reasonable price. At £159.99 it is not cheap, but tennishead’s racket testers noted its solidity and stability and said that it felt great to play with. Add in its good looks, matt black, touches of green and a brown grip it is definitely worth going to a retailer to find one to test if you are unfamiliar with the brand.

MANTIS also offers a range of balls, strings, grips and bags. Less well known than some brands on the market – you are unlikely to see a Tour player using one- if you know a good racket when you feel one, then you will appreciate what this British company has to offer. 

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