Roger Federer put on a social distancing show at the end of March, playing tennis in the snow against a wall, showing off his racquet skills with plenty of tweeners and behind-the-back shots.

During his recent Tennis United segment, 2017 Nitto ATP Finals champion Grigor Dimitrov revealed that the viral video reminded him of his own childhood.

“I remember every morning with my dad in the early development of my life. We used to go in the morning in the hall. It was very cold when it was snowing outside,” Dimitrov said. “We used to put scotch tape on the wooden floor and we used to play with gloves and everything because it was so cold in the morning. We didn’t have a heater in the hall.

“This brings a very good example of tenacity and just wanting to do more. It’s a great video to see from every perspective. I think it’s also inspiring at the same time. When you want something, there are no limits to it, no way it can be stopped.”


As far as seeing Federer show off his racquet skills, Dimitrov enjoyed that, too.

“You know sometimes you’ve got to work on those shots!” Dimitrov said.

Another video Dimitrov highlighted was Fabio Fognini and his wife, 2015 US Open champion Flavia Pennetta, playing makeshift tennis in their backyard with a baby carriage — neither of their two children were in it — serving as a net.

“We have our finest in the business… Fabio and Flavia,” Dimitrov said. “This is what happens when two competitive people are locked in for a while with kids. She’s still got it, look at those moves! Between the legs, behind the back. Fabio is just being Fabio!”