Basic acceleration and the racket path to the contact with the ball are two key areas to focus on, Erwan Nicholas, Technical Advisor for Jonathan Markson Tennis, explains.

What is basic acceleration?  
It is the action of pulling the racket forward by the buttcap from the shoulder and thrusting it into the path of the ball. This racket presentation will ensure control, direction and power.

Why do I need to practise this? 
By training to achieve your top speed, your match speed will greatly increase. 

How can I practise it?
Hand feed a ball in front and focus on the racket path and wrist angle of 90 degrees. Increase the speed progressively and focus on the direction. 

How can I check if I am doing it right?
Videoing your stroke is a brilliant way to check if you are preparing the racket properly. Can you see the logo on the buttcap as in the picture? If yes, then good job!

What's next? 
There is so much more! You need to ‘release' the racket after the contact point but that is another story… 

In the video below Malte, 15, focuses on basic acceleration and racket path on a Jonathan Markson Tennis camp in Brighton.

You can join Erwan's team on one of Jonathan Markson Tennis' Technical Clinics that run in London throughout the year. Next Clinic in London is on October 24-28, 2016.