With many tennis clubs taking the decision to turn their grass courts into courts that are playable all year round, it can be hard to get the opportunity to play on the green stuff.

British company Jonathan Markson Tennis is offering players the chance to play on the prestigious grass courts at Cambridge University.

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Founded in 1881, Cambridge University Lawn Tennis Club, located at Fenner’s Tennis Ground, is right in the heart of the city and Jonathan Markson Tennis has secured exclusive access to the courts.

Three week-long training camps held in August are a great way to improve your tennis while playing on the grass.

Never played on grass before? It’s not as serene as it looks, says JMT Technical Consultant and LTA Performance coach Erwan Nicholas.

“Playing on grass is incredibly enjoyable,” says Nicholas. “Having this soft and comfortable feeling under your feet with the gentle noise of the bouncing ball hides the ruthless aspect of the game!”

“Going forward is the key,” he explains. “All ball strikes need to be done with the intention of taking the net before your opponent. The low bounce forces all player to move up the court and if you are agile enough to dare spending more time at the net you will be rewarded with numerous volleys to put away.

“But beware: your constant low position, mixed up with the use of slice flat shots will use up a huge amount of energy.”

The camp comprises 30 hours’ of coaching (five hours each day) and includes a singles tournament at the end of the week. There’s plenty of time to relax too, as well as the option to stay in Christ’s College – one of the best-known colleges at the world-famous university.

Aimed at adult improvers as well as players of an advanced standard, every player is likely to learn something to improve their game as well as having some fun away from the court.

The all-inclusive package (£1045) includes seven nights’ accommodation, meals in restaurants around the city, and social activities including a tour of the city, wine tasting, punting and a trip to the outdoor Shakespearean theatre.

“It was very well organised, great coaches, excellent tennis courts and a wonderful atmosphere,” said Santi, who attended the camp last year. “A very good selection of coaches, off-court activities and an amazing location.”