From Jimmy Greaves to Ayrton Senna, via cricket history and doping scandals, a dozen films to watch during shutdown

It is hard to tell the story of a life in 90 minutes, and there are times in this documentary when important events – the death of a child, significant sickness – are skipped past in a matter of instants. Really the years 1965-70, covering hepatitis, World Cup glory and heartache, redemption at Wembley the following year, the collapse of his relationship with Bill Nicholson and the end of his time at Spurs, could easily fill a film. Still, this is a well-researched and compiled portrait of one of England’s greatest and most flawed footballers, with an extensive and impressive roster of interviewees and some excellent archive footage (including the ultimate 1960s quagmire pitch as Spurs hosted OFK Belgrade in May – May – 1963). SB

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