Frey, winner of the 2014 Wimbledon Photograph of the Year, wore a microphone for Sportsworld programme on the BBC World Service, sharing highlights of his day, which included shooting the moment Dustin Brown celebrated the biggest win of his career against two-time Wimbledon champion Rafael Nadal.

“There's two strips of seating either side of the court, both sunken so it is essentially a pit,” Frey told Sportworld's Paddy O'Connell. “There are seats in there the photographers can use, they are almost at ground level so you are looking up at the players. There are two of these left in the world now; in New York and here at Wimbledon.”

Frey added: “Every match is different and every match is an opportunity to try and pull something good out of it. When Dustin won that was a great opportunity; he went absolutely mad and that's a great picture.

“The winning picture (left) would be when Dustin Brown celebrated: he's got his mouth wide open, his head thrown back and he's screaming. It's a great picture.”

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