With a reputation for manufacturing rock solid frames, Babolat’s Pure Aero Tour lands towards the heavier end of the advanced racket spectrum and because of that it packs quite a punch.

This 315g beast – the frame’s unstrung weight – and its fairly generous 100-square-inch racket face (for bats aimed at the more talented end of the market) means generating power will never be a problem.

In fact, that’s exactly what the testers found, but generally that seemed to be more of a negative than a positive. While this packed a punch, both Adam and Elliot felt its power at times was too hot to handle, with Adam describing it as “unpredictable”. Our testers loved the look though. “Very cool,” they agreed.

Babolat Pure Aero Tour – voted Best for Power in the 2016 tennishead advanced racket awards

First-strike tennis has become a key element of dominating rallies in this era, so players who compete regularly need the equipment to help them do that. The Pure Aero Tour certainly delivers in that area, but be sure to retain an element of control along the way.

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