The British racket and ball manufacturer has served up a bit of a treat here. Still in its infancy as a company compared to some of its older rivals, we got the feeling our testers hadn't come into contact with the brand that much before we thrust this Mantis Pro 310 into their hands.

Adam said he had never played with a Mantis before, but liked this particular racket which he said was a solid and stable choice.

Howard and Elliot went even further. “It feels better than some more well-known brands,” enthused Howard. “I didn’t know much about Mantis but it’s well worth testing their rackets,” he added.

Enough power, great control and fantastic feel too. What's not to love?

Mantis Pro 310 II – voted Best for Feel in the tennishead 2016 advanced racket awards

The slim 21mm beam, and the frame’s heavy, solid characteristics promoted some of the best feel we experienced. Every one of our testers commented on this racket’s feedback and the control on the ball it promoted. “Really enjoyable to hit with,” said Elliot.

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