Billed as a racket ‘dedicated to young players’, the T-Fight 255 ticks a lot of boxes for any budding junior in the market for their first 27-inch frame.

Its Dynacore construction promises the perfect blend of flexibility and stability, so you get a sense of feel from a racket that ranks among the lightest we tested, while the Synergylink grommets play their part in shock absorption that can be crucial for those ramping up the court time during their formative years.

It’s not the most powerful racket out there but certainly holds its own for such a slimline frame, but this stick is all about control – and on that front, it delivers.


Tecnifibre T-Fight 255

The commitment to youth stretches as far as the price tag in the junior-friendly T-Fight, which does its best to leave money in the pockets of parents and guardians already forking out for coaching, tournament fees and travel. A sleek, no-nonsense frame that truly delivers on every stroke – another impressive turn from Tecnifibre. 

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