The Wilson Pro Staff 97 was included in tennishead's 2017 advanced racket reviews and it's suited to the skilled performer.

A Wilson racket more often than not looks the part and this aspect certainly impressed our testers with the distinct black and red colour combination proving to be stylish and striking.

Before even picking up the Wilson Pro Staff 97 a weight of 315g was inevitably going to provide some strong power levels on the court.

The most common feedback from Jem and Elliot was in regards to the ‘sweet spot’. We all wish to hit the ball powerfully time after time from any part of the strings but if you’re off centre with this racket it was rather unforgiving. Jem was pleasantly surprised by the level of power he generated when he connected with the sweet spot which Elliot certainly agreed with.

The amount of spin the racket generated was impressive to the two testers from both the back of the court and the net allowing solid control and feel.

This racket is certainly a very solid choice for an advanced player who would like an extra bite of power in their game but are quite accurate in their playing ability and doesn’t hit off centre all too often – maybe for a keen net player.

Tennishead's 2017 advanced racket reviews were published in the April edition of the tennishead digital magazine.  Download the tennishead magazine app for free to read the reviews in full. 



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