Two girls in Italy have taken #TennisAtHome to a whole new level.

In the city of Liguria, two junior players found a creative way to play tennis at home while maintaining social distancing, hitting the ball to and from one another’s rooftops. That video has gone viral since it was posted Saturday, earning nearly seven million views on Twitter, 1.3 million views on Facebook and almost 450,000 views on Instagram. It yielded one of the most-viewed tweets in the ATP Tour account’s history.

Several international news outlets have shared the video, as have various celebrities, including reigning Nitto ATP Finals champion Stefanos Tsitsipas.

Rex Chapman, a former NBA basketball player who has become known for his social media presence, wrote on Twitter Saturday that it was the, “most incredible thing you’ll see today”.

Piers Morgan shared the video with his 7.3 million Twitter followers.


The viral video showcases the success of the #TennisAtHome campaign. As of 13 April, nearly 18,000 posts have referenced the hashtag, with those posts earning almost 400 million impressions and eight million interactions. The ATP Tour channels alone earned more than 14 million video views as of last Monday.