On the second episode of Tennis United, American John Isner moderated a chat between his countrymen: Taylor Fritz, Reilly Opelka, Tommy Paul and Frances Tiafoe, all of whom grew up together. All the players have a great relationship with each other, which showed.

Everyone immediately took notice of a gaming chair Fritz was using.

“Reilly, where’s your gaming chair?” Isner wondered.

“It doesn’t exist,” Opelka quickly replied.


How many hours has Fritz been spending on video games during the COVID-19 pandemic?

“It depends, it depends,” Fritz said.

“That’s how you know it’s a bad number!” Paul joked.

Isner then took the group through a quiz in which he’d ask a question, and the quartet of young Americans had to reach a consensus.

Who is always late?
Taylor Fritz

“Fritz is consistently late every time,” Opelka said.

“But Frances will be way later,” Fritz replied. “One time Frances was telling me he was coming down in the elevator for like an hour!”

Who’s the biggest eater?
Reilly Opelka

“It’s got to be the big man,” Isner said. “We’re similar in stature and I know I eat a lot!”


Who is the messiest?
Taylor Fritz

“Frances I’ve got to say, I saw that little ATP Cribs thing and there were clothes everywhere,” Isner said.

“Bro that was a disaster!” Tiafoe responded, cracking into laughter.

Who would you least want to be in quarantine with?
“I’d love to be in quarantine with all three of these guys,” Fritz said.

“Us four in quarantine would be ideal,” Paul said.