OK, so simply wearing the wristband won’t turn you into Rafael Nadal overnight, but the PIQ advanced tennis sensor offers real-time feedback to analyse your game.

The LED display offers instant service speed at the touch of a button, while the smart sensor tracks playing time and records your strokes.

Once you’ve finished your session, simply access your statistics via the ‘Babolat POP’ app to relive your game and track your progress.

The app provides unique insight to tennis players of all levels, enabling you to monitor your progress and compare your game with others in the Babolat community.

It’s basically like having your own personal tennis coach at your fingertips.

What makes the PIQ Robot different to other smart tennis sensors is that it can be used for other sports. Remove the smart chip from your wristband and fix it to your glove for stroke analysis and as a range finder on the golf course, or to your ski boot to analyse your technique on the ski slopes.

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