Judy Murray show you how to improve strength and skills using both the dominant and non-dominant hands.

Players should start by placing the ball between two rackets, one in each hand. Keeping the ball trapped between the strings, players should rotate as if they are preparing to hit a forehand or backhand.

The player should then release the ball in the direction if the REBO wall and catch the ball between their rackets on the rebound. Try alternating sides and be careful not to release the ball too early or too late.

Once the player has accomplished this and feels comfortable they should attempt the next stage. Again, with one racket in each hand, the first shot the player should hit is a forehand using their dominant hand.

Next, the player should hit their second shot using their non-dominant hand and keep the rally going. Keep count of how many you can get in a row and aim for the REBO target.

To progress the drill the player should bump up the ball on their racket in a controlled upward direction in order to set the next shot up.

The player should let the ball bounce and then hit a groundstroke using the opposite hand against the REBO wall. Make sure the set up is controlled and try this on both sides.

YOU v WALL: Drills for the Hitting Wall

Many of today's top tennis players grew up learning to play tennis and hone their skills against a hitting wall. In a new series of articles, REBO ambassadors share ideas and top tips on the best ways to train with a wall.

No partner, no problem!
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