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Don’t worry. We have seen it all and know that sometimes, court repairs aren’t top priority, they compound and then … well, the court is a mess. But Bishop’s Tennis can take the untended court and bring it back to a playable condition in no time. Give us a call at 703-661-8000 or fill out our form to find out more!

We Specialize In the Below & Much More:

Court Crack Repair

Courts of all types crack due to weather exposure and extreme fluctuation in temperature. Bishop’s Tennis can repair structural and/or surface cracks and can also help you maintain your court to avoid further damages.

Court Color Fading

Court fading. Not only does it make your court look dingy, it also affects play when lines and colors aren’t distinct. But court fading is a fact of nature and adverse to the overall tennis experience. A court re-coating is a relatively simple process and its brilliant benefits really step up a game.

Court Resurfacing

As with anything constructed on ground, imperfections develop as the ground shifts and softens due to weather conditions. Court resurfacing is necessary when leveling becomes an issue, a court’s surface is peeling or experiencing drainage issues. As a rule, courts should be resurfaced every 5-10 years.

Cushion Layers

It is becoming more and more common to add a cushioning layer when repairing and/or resurfacing a court. While this is not necessary, it is easier on the joints and can help prevent injury on the court

Court Facelifts

When a court needs to be resurfaced it’s the perfect time to also think about whether you’d like to change the look or aesthetic design of the court. Surface changes, landscaping and the like can all be accomplished during the resurfacing process and can add beautification and value to your investment.



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